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Where Can I Buy Smoked Turkey Legs Near Me

Shouting out: Yabba Dabba Doo!I had these two ginormous frozen turkey legs from my last turkey deboning. Honestly, I had no idea how I was going to cook them. When I saw this recipe, it just made sense that I try it. These two turkey legs were the equivalent of four so I made the brine and spices as per recipe. I liked the bagging of the marinade otherwise I was going to have to double the brine amount just to keep the meat submerged. I set the timer to 2 1/2 hours but expected an additional hour or so as these were so big. They actually were cooked through by 2 1/2 hours on my electric smoker using the applewood bisquettes. The flavour was robust but not overly smoky, and the meat was moist. In a calorie reducing maneuver, I discarded the skin but had I seared it on the grill post smoking, it would have also been a treat. Served my smoked turkey legs with an onion and cucumber salad and the South Carolina slaw. These drumsticks had no apparent carnival connection except for the fun of carving out slices. Great recipe!

where can i buy smoked turkey legs near me

Are you looking for a delicious and easy way to cook smoked turkey legs? Look no further! This blog post will show you how to cook store-bought smoked turkey legs. So, what are you waiting for? Read on for all the details!

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I thought this would be a perfect time to show you how to smoke your own turkey legs at home and relive some of those childhood memories with family and friends.

I chose to use pecan wood for my turkey legs because I like a nice smoky flavor with some sweet undertones. Fruit woods are also great options as they are also sweeter and milder than other woods. Apple and cherry are always a great choice for poultry.

Another thing I like to do is spritz the turkey legs with water a couple of times during the cooking process. Not only does spritzing help keep the turkey from drying out but it also helps build a bark on the skin.

However, when cooking turkey legs there is more wiggle room as the meat will not dry out as quickly. I remove my turkey legs when the internal temperature reaches around 175F. You can decide on what you prefer as long as the internal temp is past 165F.

Want to serve the same great turkey legs we sell to theme parks around the world? You will be the master of the grill at your next cook out! These legs are fully cooked - just warm and enjoy! Each Turkey Leg weighs approximately 18 oz. You'll receive 6 legs.Looking for a turkey leg vendor for your next event? Click here to inquire about wholesale turkey legs.

Use your favorite dry rub to coat the turkey drumsticks an all sides. We like to include garlic powder and smoked paprika and/or chipotle powder in our dry rubs (see the recipe card for ingredients and quantities) to impart extra smokey flavors.

The heat from the charcoal grill will slowly cook the turkey legs while the smoke from the woods chips will infuse them with flavor. Maintain the temperature and replenish both charcoal and smoking wood as needed, per the specifications of the manufacturer.

Use the specs in the card below as general guidelines and consider subtle adjustments. Base such tweaks on the actual weight of the turkey legs (each individually), how long you brined them for and the actual smoker temperature you were able to maintain.

If you really want to use some, once the turkey legs are done, brush the, with sauce and allow them to smoke just a bit longer for a nice crust to form. THen transfer them to a roasting pan and tent with foil. Allow a few minutes of rest time before you serve.

Now, before we continue, these turkey legs are not the same as if you were to throw a turkey leg on the smoker. No no, first they are cured with a curing salt (specifically sodium nitrite). This is what gives them that signature pink color that looks almost like ham.

These smoked turkey legs are definitely more of a summer-early fall seasonal dish just because it involves cooking outdoors. Unlike grilling, however, smoking is mostly hands off. It doesn't require you standing outside the entire time you're cooking, which makes it ideal as the weather gets colder.

But Disney and Renaissance fairs make two major mistakes with their smoked turkey legs. First, they leave the skin on when they serve them to you. It makes the turkey legs look prettier, but the smoking process gives the skins a rubbery, unpleasant texture that's basically inedible.

Turkey legs have a lot of tough tendons which can be a real pain to eat around. The meat clings to the tendons, and the tendons cling to the legs, so you end up trying to eat around these thick, quill-like tendons. It's awkward looking and robs you of some prime eats.Braising the smoked turkey legs in the oven after they come out of the smoker helps break down those tough tendons. The turkey meat easily separates from the tendons making them much easier and less fussy to eat. Not to mention, it just adds a lot of flavor.

By brining the legs for at least four hours or (even better) overnight, you'll get a lot of flavor inside the meat, and prevent the turkey legs from drying out. It also gives the salt time to start dissolving some of the muscle proteins in the turkey legs, meaning a more tender turkey for you!

Smoked turkey legs are delicious and a little nostalgic for anyone who has eaten one at a Disney park. They sell incredible smoked turkey legs at their turkey leg carts! It may not always be possible for you to get your hands on a turkey leg from Disney park, but the great news is, now they are effortless to make at home.

Submerge the turkey legs fully in the bowl with the brine. Cover tightly with plastic wrap. You can also use a resealable plastic storage bag or an airtight container. Brine the turkey legs for up to 24 hours.

Place your turkey legs in a pre-heated smoker set to 225F with your favorite wood or pellets. I use my trusty Traeger Pro 780 in this recipe. I like to use the Pit Boss Competition Blend. Cook until the thickest part of the turkey legs reaches 175F. The USDA recommends cooking the turkey until it is 165F, but turkey legs have a lot of connective tissue and need extra time to get tender. It will take about 4 to 5 hours.

Baste or brush the turkey legs with your favorite oil while they are cooking. You only need to give them a coat of oil a couple of times. I like to baste my turkey legs with olive oil halfway through the cook and towards the last 30 minutes. This will help to keep the meat moist and to ensure crispier skin on the exterior of the legs.

Allow your turkey legs to rest for about 10 minutes. This will allow the juices to reabsorb into the meat and, during this so they stay juicy. Eat it just like you would at Disney, holding the entire leg in your hand and digging in!

You can smoke your turkey legs in the oven. Place some soaked and drained wood chips on the bottom of a roasting pan. Place your roasting rack on top. Then, place your turkey legs on top of the rack. Smoke your turkey legs in the oven at 250F until they reach an internal temperature of 175F.

The good news is that turkey legs are incredibly forgiving! The juices of bone marrow permeate into the meat, which adds flavor and helps ensure tenderness. The fat from the skin cooks off and infuses into the meat as well. Both of these factors make cooking turkey legs reasonably foolproof.

That said, there are a couple of additional tricks in your control that will help you achieve juicy and tender turkey legs. The first trick is to brine the turkey legs. The longer you brine your turkey legs, the better. The salt solution infuses into the meat and helps break it down a little, which prevents it from being overly tough. The brine also adds flavor. The second trick is cooking your turkey legs low and slow. The muscles are less likely to overcook, which keeps the meat moist, so you get that perfect fall-off-the-bone juiciness.

Do you have a whole turkey to cook as well? Check out this wet brined Traeger smoked turkey. This is my go-to recipe when the holiday season comes up. Every time I smoke my turkey, it turns out perfectly moist and full of flavor. Gone are the days of dried-out, bland turkey. You will be the hero at the next family gathering!

Turkey legs are my favorite type of turkey to smoke. These turned out incredible after spending a full day in the spicy brine and over 6 hours on the smoker. The turkey legs were covered in a sweet and spicy bbq seasoning dry rub that made every bite just as good as the last. The best part is, once you finish smoking these bad boys, you can simply pick them up by the bone using some butcher paper and chow down, just like the turkey legs served at the Disney parks!

Deanna, thank you for the comment. I am sorry that they didn't turn out for you. I have noticed that some turkey legs are simply much tougher. I have had better luck with smaller turkey legs weighing in around 1 pound each. Next time, you can change the apple cider vinegar spritz to an oil spritz for the final hour of cooking to help promote that crispy skin.

I really appreciate your tips on how to smoke these turkey legs without a smoker. My husband and I have been contemplating getting one, but haven't done so yet. It's good to know that you can get good results in an oven or on the grill. Thanks for the insight.

I notice that some recipes say 165 is the target temp for turkey legs , is your recommended temp of 175 is so there is a better bite through for the skin ?P.S. Keep the recipes coming ! I have not tried one of yours yet that I dont get complimented on ! I always let everyone know where I got them from and that I always use Killer Hogs products !

Hi Malcom, Just a note to tell you how awesome these turned out for me. I made them on August 30, 2020. They were out of this world delish. Only thing I did different was used peach wood since I never used any before. I used two turkey thighs and 4 legs. I just love your recipes and videos. Thanks! 041b061a72


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