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Mr. Deeds Goes To Town Subtitles English

When a small-town idealist (Gary Cooper) goes to New York to collect a $20 million inheritance, he finds romance with wisecracking journalist Jean Arthur, becomes the target of ruthless businessmen and relatives, and finally decides to give his fortune away because it's so much trouble. This milestone film is one of the most charming and beloved romantic comedies ever made.

Mr. Deeds Goes to Town subtitles English

I agree that subtitles are often heavily (or just poorly) digested when they appear in Japanese, and I think it's a shame. I would rather see more direct translations, even if they seem awkward. That way, people could get a feel for the native language. This goes for ENG to JPN and vice versa. I enjoy Hemingway's translations of uttered Spanish, French, or Italian in his books, because they tend to be very direct and unfiltered into English. 041b061a72


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