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OP-Com 1.39 1.44: A Powerful and Versatile Scanner Software for Opel Commander

This software will not solve your problem but has some documentation on it's use. The product is free and is only a.pak file download. However, it does list the hardware requirements and appears to limit the software use to only provide you with the digital buttons for volume control. So the product does work but does not seem to be an ideal solution either.

Scanner Software For Opel Commander - OP-Com 1.39 1.44 Free Download

Which is why I am trying to find an alternative solution. The software does provide a VIN check and transfer keys. However, the software does list support for only the "OP-Com" serial port. Which means that this product is not compatible with others or any USB to serial converter. I know that there are people who have success with the "Foxwelltool NT510" and that is why I want to find a better solution.

I have a great deal of respect for this developer and from all the feedback I have read I really want to see a great solution for this device. I am not asking anyone to read this post, download the software or even try this. I want to see if someone has a different solution. If the answer is yes, you should post it here!

If you get the cheap scanner then you might as well save some money and just use the software. I personally would never buy a low end scanner that costs $150 or more. In the end of the day, the software is more valuable than the hardware.

Then, scan the whole garage or find it on your own. This is the only drawback to using the software. You have to do the hard work of finding the scanner in the first place. There are sites like Ebay and other auction sites that offer bargain scanners. In the past, I know that the HP scanners on Ebay have been very cheap but from what I have seen so far, the bargain scanners are packed with viruses and extra features.


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