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ZingPlay: The Ultimate Destination for Online Multiplayer Games - Download the App for Free

While not all games are available in English, the Real-Time Translation Tool in BlueStacks makes it possible to play them regardless of language barriers. Any text displayed within the app will be translated and saved as a transparent overlay while you play. If you do this during a crucial part of the battle, the game will keep playing in the background and distract you.

Challenge yourself in Pusoy ZingPlay or Chinese Poker anywhere anytime. Outplay the enemies with your best strategy to Pusoy them all and win big! Play now, enter a world of excitement, strategy, and fortune.1. NEW TOURNAMENT MODECompete with other players. Show your skill to arrange those 13 cards to the best. Is it Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House or is that a special hand - 3 straights from Ace to K - DRAGON? Card master, are you ready to take the challenge? Join tournament and enjoy your big win moment!2. EVENT & REWARDExciting new events every month with millions of gold and other rewards to spice up your gaming experience. From Easter to Christmas, you name it, there will be one.3. 10+ FREE CARD GAMES ONLINERelive your childhood by playing Filipino all-time classic card game - Tongits, Pusoy Dos, Lucky 9. Or go for a big win casino experience with Poker Texas Holdem.4. DAILY GOLD SUPPORTGet more gold to play and to win big just by login every day with daily support, bankrupt support, and friend support. Make more friends and get gold even when you are not online.5. JACKPOT & WINNER TAKES ALLHow much do you think you can win? Double? Triple? No! Get Jackpot Mega Win x90 times the starting gold by winning all of the opponents.6. BIGGEST GAMING COMMUNITYStaying connected with friends, family, or even making new friends by joining ZingPlay online community with 2M+ players all over the Philippines.7. MINIGAMETake a brain break from Pusoy, test your luck in minigames from the traditional Sicbo, Color Game to Poker video star.Play Pusoy ZingPlay - Chinese poker (13 card game online) and enjoy a world full of excitement, strategy, and fortune!***This game is intended for adult audiences and does not offer real money gambling.Thanks for playing Pusoy ZingPlay - Chinese poker (13 card game online), also known as Capsa Susun, Mau Binh in other countries. ZingPlay strives to provide a go to gaming platform for Filipinos by Filipinos. Check out all of our card games online: Pasay, Tongits, Pusoy Dos, Lucky 9, Poker, etc. We are committed to continuous improvement and welcome any comments you may have to help improve the games.

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Download the game Conquian ZingPLay on your cell phone and train your brain now !. Conquian ZingPLay brings you cool and fun experience. Play with real people of the same level, in different betting channels in a very simple way, doing it at any time and place with your phone connected to the internet.


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