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Mugen Undertale: What is it, How to Play it, and Why You Should Try it

The online communities surrounding MUGEN are what makes it a favorite creation tool for most people. MUGEN's online communities provide everything that a new developer needs, including useful tutorials. While MUGEN is free, learning how to use it might not be a walk in the park. Without the community of developers to help with how to use it, any new MUGEN developer might be overwhelmed and have a hard time getting started.

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A few MUGEN developers also create multi-player versions of MUGEN. These usually include a few more characters and are fairly challenging to create. They also have a lot more variety than single player MUGEN versions, allowing people to create their own dream team and environment.

Installing MUGEN is the first hurdle that any new MUGEN developer will have to deal with. There are several ways to do this, and the easiest is to download the 1.0.6 version. Once you download the file, open MUGEN, you will be asked if you want to install it.

Some of the steps necessary to make MUGEN work include updating MUGEN, setting up MUGEN's mouse settings, and creating a screen pack with additional characters, including these few extra MUGEN features available to players:

Once these steps are completed, MUGEN can be used to create a 2D character through the character creation screen, replacing the main character selection screen. Characters created in this way will not appear on the main character selection screen, and they will not be added to the party slot. Some MUGEN users may find that the character selection screen is somewhat glitchy, and that may be all they need. However, the ability to not show the character selection screen can allow for easier character placement and customization.


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