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Frustrated again?

Learn now about the root cause of frustration.

"Frustration arises in our life when our basic needs for nurture and emocional stability are not met" - Lynn Eldridge

What is the cause of frustration?

It’s from insecurity and dissatisfaction arising from unresolved problems or unfulfilled needs possible due to neglect and a sense of feeling unprotected. Its origins are typically from childhood whether perceived or real there was not a protector and basic needs for nurture and emotional stability were not met.

Perhaps they were never modeled because the parent or parents did not have it modeled for them. Therefore, another generation is imprinted and the cycle carries on until the love of God is received and his ways are learned.

Until then, there are pressure points on the soul and whenever there’s a situation where you feel unprotected or feel that something you need it’s not going to met or something could be taken away from you then a reaction of frustration can rise up.



My God is my present help in time of need. He’s my Protector and Provider. I can let my heart be in peace knowing that He fights for me and He’s never failed me. I choose to believe Him and I put trust in Him."


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