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Free 3 week Zoom seminar!

Do you or someone you know struggle with food, money, relationships, self-worth, finances, or anxiety?

Starts April 23RD at 630PM CST

Her Radical Journey from Brokenness to Redemption

Lynn Eldrige details her journey from bipolar depression, addiction, and self-doubt to the freedom found in the truth of who God is. In her book, “Bipolar to Beloved,” she encourages others struggling with similar issues that it is truly possible to live a fantastic life free of mental health issues and depression to a life filled with joy, success, and purpose.

"Tell me what you did and how you did it."

Lynn Eldridge answers this question of freedom in the companion workbook that accompanies Bipolar to Beloved.

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"Prayer To Renounce Suicidal Thoughts"

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If you are seeking wisdom and self-improvement, check out my blog.

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About me

My name is Lynn Eldridge. I want to tell you my story. 

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Bipolar to Beloved

After being set free from “incurable” mental illnesses bipolar...



I've been set free from bipolar, addiction, suicidal ideations, depression, AND anxiety, and I want to help you find the same freedom!

Take a deep-dive with Lynn and book 5 coaching sessions to truly find freedom.

  • 30-minute FREE Spiritual Consultation

  • 60-minute Spiritual Consultation

Other offerings:

*For educational purposes only. This is Biblically based and Holy Spirit leading. This is not counseling by a licensed therapist or MD. If needed please seek professional medical help.

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