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Hi! I'm Lynn

I'm an author, speaker, missionary, teacher and a life transformation trainer. 

Many years ago I was a defeated Christian. I had bipolar and eating disorders, I had alcohol and drug addiction, and I was struggling with suicidal thoughts.

Then 10 years ago everything changed. Jesus healed me and through His love, I found freedom and I had to change everything in my life. Now I want to help you to completely transform your life too.



Lynn Eldridge

I am a woman after God’s heart. After being set free from the “incurable” mental illness of bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, eating disorders, addiction, and suicide in 2011 at the age of 52, my passion and pursuit is to help others learn of the redemptive power of the brain back to sanity through Godly principles that changed my life. These principles set me free from the pain and torment of hopelessness. I want restoration of the word “Wisdom” in the culture and to build schools to teach the ways of prosperity in the mind, body, spirit, and soul, giving vision for life dreams to come true for myself through humility and honor.


Personal responsibility and living from the inside out intentionally is one of my standards. No victims, no excuses.

I hear from God, apply the principles I’ve learned, and walk by faith trusting and believing. I’m not claiming perfection, only redemption.

God is teaching me balance in all areas of life, including but not limited to the clarity of purpose for living with expectations and hope in faith, fitness, family, finance, business, friends, free time, and future as well as a means to bring hope and answers to all of society's issues. It is Wisdom that transforms individuals, families, communities, regions, nations, and the world.

I’m learning to demonstrate these principles in all areas of my life, saying if it can be done in my life, it can be done in anyone... if they want it and are willing to take action.


**This is Biblically based and Holy Spirit leading. This is not counseling by a licensed therapist or MD. If needed please seek professional medical help.

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Dr. Randy Clark, Founder of Global Awakening Theological Seminary

Craig Miller, Psychologist, Author of Finding Victory When Healing Doesn't Happen
Dr. Rodney Hogue, author of Liberated: Set Free and Staying Free from Demonic Strongholds

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