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Time for a

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Come as you are, leave as you are destined to be

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Has the passion gone from your life?

  • Are you finding yourself in a daily grind and generally discontent, disappointed or dissatisfied in life with:

  • Your spouse? Your job? Your financial state? Your diet? Your inability to figure out what's missing?

I’ve been there, I’ve found a way out, and I want to share it with you!

This ONLINE course will guide you through the steps it takes to: 



Generate EXPONENTIAL CHANGES in your life.

If you said yes to any of these, this program is for you!

Included in this course:


 5 MODULES! A total of 35 recorded videos lessons for you to watch anytime you want.


Get free access to an exclusive online and printable WORKBOOK to help you to take action steps towards freedom.


Contact the support at any time for technical help or further directions.

If you said yes to any of these, this program is for you!

Course Content

Module 1


In order to make a change, you have to first be willing. In this module, we explore how we reach a place of willingness and what it takes to make the first step towards transformation.

Module 3

Attitudes and Expectations

What we sow we reap. In this module, we discuss where we make negative judgments, attitudes, and expectations, and how we can reframe our perspectives.

Module 5


Self-sabotage is fed by immaturity. In this module, we examine the beauty of maturity, and we discuss the tools needed to release ourselves from destructive cycles and set ourselves on the path towards freedom.

Module 2


Unforgiveness distorts our vision and keeps us in our self-sabotage cycles, but forgiveness is the key to all things good. In this module, we break down the origins and dangers of unforgiveness before exploring the freedom in forgiving God, others, and ourselves.

Module 4


When we neglect to learn boundaries, we end up harming not only ourselves, but also those that we believe we are trying to "help." We walk though in this module what it looks like to have healthy boundaries with ourselves and others.


Exclusive Resources

An exclusive Workbook and a Roadmap to Freedom for you to download!

Meet Your Instructor

Lynn Eldridge

I'm an author, speaker, missionary, teacher and a life transformation trainer. 

Many years ago I was a defeated Christian. I had bipolar and eating disorders, I had alcohol and drug addiction, and I was struggling with suicidal thoughts.

Then 10 years ago everything changed. Jesus healed me and through His love, I found freedom and I had to change everything in my life. Now I want to help you to completely transform your life too.



Here’s what people are saying about Lynn Eldridge’s programs…


If you said yes to any of these, this program is for you!

Before I met with Lynn, I was a Christian, born and raised in Church, and loved the Lord (more intellectually and surfacy). However, I felt a deep emptiness and distance from God. I felt like I was on a hamster wheel going in circles, not really going anywhere meaningful in life. As I prayed to God for help, eventually, I crossed paths with Lynn and we got connected.
Lynn took precious time each week to walk me through issues and help restore my identity and the insecurities I felt about myself. She gave me biblical truths and tools that helped me to build a true genuine relationship with Christ. She also restored hope to me, hope that unlocked my potential and the dreams
God placed in my heart. I am eternally grateful for the ministry that took forth in my life with Lynn. She has been a major blessing to my life and I believe my family and generations to come will be impacted for the glory of Jesus Christ.

Just completed the study today. Wow!! Absolutely amazingly wonderful, Lynn. I’m recommending it to our ministry receivers…it’s so impactful, and will change lives. And coming out at this time of year- just before the new year - doubles an already powerful message. Praying for you, and that the Lord will continue to lead you to create even more messages with this power.
Dennis S

And here’s what people are saying about Lynn...


"I have known Lynn Eldridge for a long time, and am aware of her life moving from the darkness of despair and deception to walking in the light of a new freedom. Lynn has even traveled with me on teams to other countries to minister to other people. I recommend Lynn’s ministry."

Randy Clark


With courage and vulnerability Lynn Eldridge invites us along on her journey from great darkness into the life and light of Jesus. From drug cartels, psychiatric hospitalizations, world religions, wealth, global travel, and healing services Lynn learns that only a truly supernatural encounter with God Almighty coupled with loads of forgiveness and strong believers walking alongside can bring us into lasting freedom.
I’ve seen so many people set free by Jesus from spiritual, mental, and physical torment. Lynn has been powerfully set free by The Lord. Celebrate with her as you read this compelling story.

Heidi Baker

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Frequently Asked Questions

When do I get access to the course? All modules are already available. You can find the course on your login page on this website. You'll also receive an email with instructions.

Can I access it at any time?  Yes, the course is yours to access at any time you want.

I'm not good with technology, so can I do this?   Yes! Our team is avalaible to help you with any question you may have.

I'm still not sure if that's for me, how can I contact you?   You can email me at I would love to hear from you!

What's included:

​5  MODULES OF RECORDED VIDEO LESSONS ($180 Value) for you to watch anytime you want.

WORKBOOK ($49 Value) Get access to an exclusive PDF  to help you to take practical steps towards freedom.

BONUS: ROADMAP TO FREEDOM ($20 Value) Learn all the steps to freedom in this downloadable PDF.

Total Value: $249

Now Only $19.99

*This is Biblically based and Holy Spirit leading. This is not counseling by a licensed therapist or MD. 

  • Time for Turnaround

    Course Package
    • 5 Modules
    • All the steps to BREAK THE CYCLES and create a TURNAROUND.
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