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It Doesn't Matter What I Think...


I remember being coerced by my family to go to a little church in the middle of nowhere to hear their friend preach. I knew the guy and, truthfully, I didn't care for him much. And then to go to a church?! Really? At the time, I was into New Age and a half-dozen other religions and practices, so the last thing I wanted to do was go to church! I murmured and complained at least to myself -- and I'm pretty sure I made it known to everyone how I felt about going -- but I mostly went because I love my Dad and he'd asked me to go. Agh!

This guy was preaching about some topic which I knew not about and cared not about. I do remember him saying one thing which stood out to me like he had a megaphone. He said, "It doesn't matter what I think." He was saying, if you believe God is God or that anything else is god, it doesn't matter what I think.

So when I have an eating problem, a spending problem, a relationship problem or even a political problem... maybe what I have is a thinking problem. The way I think about eating has to change, the way I think about money has to change, etc.

Today I know there's a way to think that works, and it's called Wisdom. There's also a way of fools, which brings chronic pain and defeat. When you feel you are being tormented by pain and defeat, look at the path you are on, the choices you have made, and the thoughts you have chosen to focus on. Ask yourself, "Am I walking the way of wisdom, or am I walking the path of the foolish?" It is never too late to change your mind or your path in life.