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The Meaning of Dis

Updated: May 2, 2020

The prefix DIS- means "apart" and refers to the god of the Roman underworld, Pluto. Whenever I'm feeling disappointed, discouraged, or distracted, I remember this is my appointed time. I am to be brave and courageous and keep my eyes fixed on the path before me, my destiny. I will not be distracted. Whenever you hear it going on in your ear, know that the enemy is talking to you. He's been found out. We get to live in the goodness of God when we keep our thoughts continually on Him, and we will not be disappointed.

Turn these moments around by turning to God and removing dis from your life:

Dis-engaged Dis-associated Dis-loyal Dis-rupted

Dis-figured Dis-comfort Dis-heartened Dis-pleased

Dis-appointed Dis-credit Dis-regard Dis-harmony

Dis-functional Dis-content Dis-trust Dis-similation

Dis-advantaged Dis-tracted Dis-turbed Dis-unity

Dis-allowed Dis-belief Dis-mantle Dis-proportion

Dis-approve Dis-own Dis-tort Dis-honest

Dis-arm Dis-agree Dis-taste Dis-missiveness

Dis-count Dis-like Dis-able Dis-parage

Dis-courage Dis-honor Dis-connect Dis-organized

Dis-may Dis-charge Dis-place Dis-posable

Dis-colored Dis-combobulated Dis-concerted Dis-enfranchised

Dis-membered Dis-array Dis-comfort Dis-composure