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Defined or Drifting?

Updated: May 27, 2020

The key to letting go of the past is forgiving and eliminating negative attitudes and negative expectations. Expect great things to happen today!

Am I defined or deaf?

Two people can hear a message - one person's life is forever changed for the better. The other stays the same. What's the difference?

1. Desire, passion and desperation

2. Wandering, drifting, comfortable in the familiar

1. Acts and responds

2. Reacts and remains

1. Soars

2. Settles

1. Makes changes

2. Makes excuses

1. Feeds their soul to grow

2. Feeds their soul more of the same

1. Seeks out wise council

2. Hangs out with others like them

Where do you want to live? Where I choose not, where the enemy tells me I am going to live?

My mind used to be a "bad neighborhood." I had a "bad neighborhood" between my ears, so no matter what was outside of me (beautiful family, home, pets, job, etc.), all I saw was painful darkness ruled with dark emotions, attitude, secrets, words, behaviors, and I perceived that life was hell. I had a God-sized hole in my life that I'd filled with "stuff." The home, man, job, cars, clothes... I always thought, "When I get __________, then I will be happy." So, I'd get the new job, the new car, the new clothes. Eventually, I thought this must be the wrong city, home, man, job... or I'd be happy, right? So I'd move. Then I thought, if I find the right city, job, man, car, friends, religion, eventually the thing outside of me was not bringing me the hope, joy, or love so again, it must be the wrong city, job, man, car, so I'd move again. And the ugly spiral continued. Dallas, St. Paul, St. Louis, Chicago, Bangkok, Bombay, until...

The realization hit me: everywhere I went, there I was. Another heart break, another failure, nothing was ever changing. It was a momentary fix or a huge hole in my heart that could not be filled with anything but God. I could not "fix" the problems within me with something outside of me. There's not enough men, jobs, etc. I needed a spiritual awakening from the only One who had the power to eradicate my mental torment and hopelessness - NOT with religion but with the love of the One who is love, Jesus Christ.

Today, I fill my heart with His Ways, His Words, His thoughts. They work!