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All around us every day, there are different signs posted to notify us of different situations. Like "NOTICE: Guard dog on duty" or "NOTICE: Low-hanging electrical wires." "NOTICE: Construction ahead."

A lot of the times, they are warnings to pay attention, because if we don't notice these things, we may get hurt somehow.

Proverbs 4 says, "Pay attention to your heart."

I need to learn to look for notices that signal there is something that could be harmful or hurtful going on in my mind, attitudes, or situations.

I was never really taught how to become aware or notice those things. I know now to pay attention to my heart, and I am continually learning to notice negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts.

Can I notice negative attitudes and replace them with good attitudes?

I can take these thoughts and attitudes off at any time. I am constantly training myself to notice these warning signs and not allow negative thoughts, attitudes, or emotions to penetrate my innermost being. They cause problems in life.

I'm looking for clarity to make decisions in my life when it comes to my physical, spiritual, emotional, nutritional, financial, and relational health. I need to notice the attitudes, thoughts, and emotions that I have around money, or around food, or around certain people. Where there is a problem, it's really an invitation to learn a new way.

Those negative thoughts can bring discomfort. Negative attitudes can bring discomfort. Negative emotions bring discomfort. And that brings stress, disease, and a distorted view of what's going on in life.

I want to see with clarity. I have a good God. He's given me eyes to see when I follow his ways and his path.

So I choose to use wisdom today. Wisdom is not the wisdom I used to see, where if you offended me I'd just flatten your tire or something. (I'm kidding about that.)

Today, wisdom is kind, gentle, peaceable, full of good motives and good intentions, sees the good in all situations, and is grateful. I get to learn those thoughts and choose those thoughts.

Those are attitudes of kindness to myself, to other people, and to God.

I encourage you to be on notice today. What's your heart saying? Pay attention!


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