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Rest or Stressed

I woke up this morning knowing I have been trying to make some things happen in a situation I'm dealing with. I've been trying my best with the ways that I know, but they aren't necessarily God's ways.

I've been pressing and striving and hard with people. I've been angry, wanting to control the situation, and not responding well when I'm met with resistance, because I think I know best.

But I woke up this morning feeling in my heart that people who have legitimate authority don't have to strive. They don't have to be angry or controlling. They just respond in their authority and get the job done.

In situations where I feel like I don't have the control, I need to put my trust in God. He has all authority, and he's given it to me, but I have to activate it by believing what he says, which is that all things work out for my good, even if it looks like it's not going to work for my good.

It will work for my good, because my faith activates his promises. I get to respond differently and keep my peace, keep guarding my heart, and I don't have to feel pressed and stressed or feel like I have to press and stress someone else to try and get what I believe is the right thing done.

So I get to rest, and I don't have to struggle. Stress causes dis-ease, which causes diseases! I don't need dis-ease in my mind, in my body, in my attitudes or my words or my behavior.

There's always a better way.


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