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What does well-balanced mean in my life? David said in Psalm 5:3 (Passion version): “Every morning I lay out the pieces of my life on the altar and wait for Your fire to fall upon my heart.”

The pieces David had in his life: he was king, so he would govern; there were financial issues running a kingdom; he had wives and children, he had an army, and he probably had friends. He probably had dreams. And he had a relationship with God. Those are some of the pieces of his life that he had to manage.

We also have different pieces of our lives. In Hebrews 13:21 (Passion), it says, “May He work perfection into every part of you, giving you all that you need to fulfill your destiny.” The pieces and parts of my life are what compose or make up or maneuver me towards my destiny.

If I had a 4-wheeled car and only 3 of the wheels had tires, it wouldn’t be well-balanced, and therefore it wouldn’t move forward very well. And I have experienced that same thing in my personal life. If I have an incredible talent like singing, but I can’t raise my children because I don’t have the skills, or I can’t relate to my husband, or I can’t manage my finances, then life doesn’t go that well. It does no good to have a hundred-million-dollar business and have your children living in nice homes with nice cars, being suicidal because they never had the love of a mother or father.

It seems when people excel in one area of their life, it’s easiest to focus on that part and let other parts go to the wayside. You may be a well-known international speaker, and yet you may be broke, financially or emotionally or both.

I read somewhere that a well-balanced life is the only life worth living. So I lay all the pieces of my life on the altar and I choose to see improvement and growth in all those areas, because I do want to live a well-balanced life today.

What areas can I work on every day, and in what areas are you willing to make changes in your own life? Maybe read a book on finances. Maybe ask God for some wisdom and wise council in relationships. What one thing can I do today that might make a change in an area where I struggle, and in what area might that be? What are you willing to change in your own life today?

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